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any tiling to do with the
aquatic life is not so clear,
It also characterises the
Sirenia, more or less,, and
the Otters ; but, on the other
hand, ttie terrestrial Bears
show the K;une structure as
do also some Ungulates. It
must be borne in mind, too,
that the kidneys of foetal
Man are lobulated.

The liver is a compact
ort^an not showing such lobu-
lation as ia common, but not
universal, ami trig rnamriuil.s.

The boue.s of "Whalos have
a somewhat Ioo:-e Ftruotnre,
and are nine It impregnated
with oil In many features
the skeleton of "Whales is
highly distinctive of the

The brain case is small
proportionately and rounded.
The " face " is therefore long,
and in some cases, especially
among the fossil forms of
Platauistidae, the rostrum
is extraordinarily elongated.
The asymmetry of the
Whale's skull is one of its
most remarkable features;
this, however, is entirely
limited to the Toothed
Whales, and among them
is more pronounced in some
forms than in others. Thus
the Platanistidae and many
Kiphioids are not nearly so
asymmetrical as the Dol-